Usage from the Zope ZMI

The database connection object can be manipulated in the Zope ZMI on a series of screens, accessible through named tabs in the main window.


Shows the database connection status and allows the user to open or close the connection.


Edit the database connection attributes and apply any changes:

  • Title: An optional title that shows up in the ZMI.
  • Database Connection String: A string encapsulating how to connect to the database. See Connection Strings for details.
  • Connect immediately: Should the database connection be established immediately or when the first database query is run.
  • Unicode Support: If set to True, values from columns of type CHAR, VARCHAR and TEXT are returned as unicode strings by the database backend.
  • Character set: Query results will be encoded in the character set specified here:
    • Not set will emulate previous releases’ behavior on Python 2, which used Latin-1 (ISO 8859-1), but if Unicode results is selected, the connection character set switches to UTF-8 and strings in query results are decoded to Unicode. On Python 3, not set always defaults to UTF-8.
    • For Python 2, you can force the character set to Latin-1 or UTF-8, regardless of the Unicode results setting. This is useful when your application wants to use UTF-8, but cannot deal with unicode return values.
    • On Python 3, forcing the character set to Latin1 is not supported.
  • Automatically create database: If the Database Connection String refers to a database that does not yet exist and this setting is activated, the ZMySQLDA connector will attempt to create the database.


The Test tab can be used as long as the database connection is connected. You can enter SQL statements into the text field and view the results sent back from the database.


Change the Zope role to permission mappings here.


If your particular ZODB flavor supports it, you can undo Zope transactions affecting the database connector object here. These transactions don’t reflect relational database transactions in the underlying MySQL or MariaDB databases, only ZODB transactions.


Information about the Zope user who owns the database connector object. Ownership in the Zope sense confers additional rights.


View and change the Zope Interface assignments for the database connector object.


You can browse the database tables and columns from the relational database specified in the connection string.